Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of The Alden Foundation is to foster and expand affordable housing opportunities for low and very low-income seniors, both active and frail, and persons with special needs by distinctively designing and developing communities that residents proudly call home, offering programs and services to maximize independence, and promoting healthy aging in place.

About us

The Alden Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that was created in 1990 to raise money for various issues affecting the elderly. In 1996, the non-profit’s focus and mission changed to developing and operating affordable housing for seniors on fixed incomes. Since that time, we have developed more than 1000 units of affordable, mixed-income senior housing, including independent living and supportive living communities.

We pride ourselves on thoughtful, exquisite building designs, which include elements and amenities that foster social interaction and comfort for senior residents. Creative programming developed by the on-site staff and supportive services provided through community partners also help to keep residents active, independent and young in spirit.

The seniors we serve are of various means, but nearly 70% of them have incomes of less than $25,000 per year. The affordable rents of our communities offer peace of mind and improve the economic security of our residents.

There is a huge need for affordable housing. All our developments, lease-up quickly and remain fully occupied with lengthy waiting lists.